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Kabila Restaurant Serves Filipino Cuisines at Ayala Museum Complex, Makati

Do you know of any restaurants that share one space only? At Ayala Museum Complex in Makati there's one example. The Museum Cafe (M Cafe for short) and Kabila. These restaurants offer different cuisines : M Cafe offers Asian & Mediterranean food while Kabila offers Filipino cuisines.  I have already finished my food review of M Cafe, you may read here the details. It is now turn for Kabila to be featured too. 

 Kabila is the fourth restaurant we checked out during our Makati Food Tour on the second day sponsored by Raintree group of restaurants. This is actually the second restaurant twe reviewed that also offers authentic Filipino dishes.  On our first day, we visited Simple Lang. Just to give you a brief difference of the two, Simple Lang costs a little less compared to Kabila. Simple Lang's target market are office workers around Ayala Triangle Gardens with a budget a little over than the ones who eat at regular food chains.  You may read my review of Simple Lang here.  Kabila offers a bit of high-end dining perfect for its location near Greenbelt area which is known to be where the expats and well - off people hang out.

Let me share to you what we ate:

Ensaladang Kabila - Ripe mango, green mango, guapple, pomelo, turnip, native tomato relish, salted egg, pili nut croutons, calamansi vinaigrette & home-made bagoong

A fusion of different slices of our favorite fruits. This one is the more spoiled version though as there were a few number of added ones that will give a feast of different contrasting tastes.

Fresh Lumpia sa Kabila - Fresh ubod, shrimp, pork mince, sweet garlic sauce, fresh garlic and ground peanuts

The wrapping and presentation is absolutely attractive. I am not really fond of lumpia except if it's fried. I did not took a bite of this but I see my fellow buddies love munching this. 

Seafood Guava Sinigang - Scallops, bangus belly, river prawns, clamns, kangkong, labanos, sitaw & cherry tomatoes

This is my ultimate winner in this restaurant! I love the soup served sour and hot but the taste of the varieties of seafood are still there to make you ask for more. We were all asking for a bowl of rice the moment we saw this. Then everyone went silent... just because we were busy eating.

Grilled Gindara - On charcoal with a sweet soy calamansi glaze served with pickled green mango

Not a fan of this kind of fish but i was able to take a number of bites though the taste is tender. 

Barbecue Chicken Inasal - Sinamak, chicken oil on a charcoal grill

I love this one because it was lightly grilled. In other restaurants, this dish is always hardly grilled and not health-wise, it is not good. There's nothing much superb here.  Again, this one reminds us that yes chicken barbecues can be enjoyed lightly... meaning not much carcinogens is better.

Kabila's Pork Bagnet  - Sukang Ilocos, sili rock salt, kamatis, bagoong balayan, lasunga rellish

I have been to Ilocos so many times and that means I have eaten a lot of bagnets there. This one tastes very similar to the authentic ones.  I like the fact that the pork skins they choose are thinner compared to the usual ones they prepare.  Plus it is not so tensile so you can bite it not at your teeth's expense.

Buko Pandan - Served with melon shreds

I guess this picture does not need any further introduction.  Love the combination of the coconut milk and the melon shreds. 

Leche Flan Turon served with Chocnut sauce.  I never knew our very own turon (sweet banana spring roll) can taste really great with a pair of Choc nut chocolate bars. 

Whew! I hope this photo can push you to check them soon. I will  definitely recommend Kabila to my friends, family and clients.  

More details of Kabila below:

Facebook Fan Page:
Address: Ayala Museum Complex, Makati Ave. Makati
Tel number: (02) 757 3000

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