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The Museum Cafe (M Cafe) at Ayala Museum Complex

I have been to Ayala Museum for so many occasions that is why I always see the  Museum Cafe or M Cafe which is located just in front of each other. My initial impression is this cafe slash restaurant is this is where people drops by after visiting the museum to have a cup of coffee, a bit of sandwich or a plate of pasta.  Guess what, I was entirely wrong when I had the chance to dine here a few days ago. They offer more than what a simple snack can be. 

Museum Cafe is actually one out of the two restaurants that share the same space at this double-height glass windows. When you come inside, there's really no visible distinction or separation between the two of them. I think it's the job of the staffs to tell you where to sit after you tell them what kind of  food you want to order. 

I love the ambiance inside because the light comes from the sun. The walls are see - through so you can see the nearby street that leads to Landmark and Glorietta malls. Also the Ayala Museum can be very clearly seen inside which is just a stone's throw away.

We went there at 9am perfect time for our breakfast themed eating session. We started eating the Hainan Chicken noodles and the Anise Scented Beef Congee. I love the soup which was served hot. I mean what else would you want in the morning than something that can warm your stomach, right? We also tasted their hakaw dumpling and siomai version. It tasted really good. Both are perfect while eating a bowl of congee.  Of course to the rescue are two of our most favorite dips the soy sauce plus calamansi and the spicy sauce. 

Hainanese Chicken Noodles

The M Benedict is made of Poached egg, Hollandaise Arugula, Grilled Cherry, Jamon Excellente, Smoked Salmon.  Really good combination of soft so tender salmonn and jamon!

M Benedict
My TWO most favorites: the waffles and pancakes. I so love these that I think I can half a dozen of these!



We also had fun watching our ordered omelettes prepared in front of us.  We watched how the tomatoes, ham, mushrooms were added in the frying pan with the egg. Love it! And yes the next morning I found my way doing the same thing at home.

Museum Cafe or M Cafe is really perfect for breakfast  to those who are about to start working or brunch (breakfast and lunch combination) to those who are always busy. If you live just near Makati Avenue or visiting Ayala Museum, please drop by here.

M Cafe is open from 8AM to 12MN daily.  Please see more details below:

Address: Ayala Museum Complex, Makati Avenue
corner Dela Rosa St., Makati City,
Philippines. 1200
Landline numbers: +632-757-3000,  +632-757-6000 & +632-391-4197
Facebook: facebook
Twitter: twitter @raintreemcafe

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