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Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties at Market Market Mall

Do you love shopping and/or watching movies at Market Market mall? Are you a food buff who is always on the lookout for the newest dish in town? If you are into patties, frappes, cookies, burger steaks, hash brown potatoes, twister fries, baked macaroni and the likes - this is the best place for you.

Last Sunday I visited this store to meet a friend I have not seen for months. We decided to spend our rainy afternoon conversation here. Their best selling items are the varieties of Jamaican patties so that's the one we ordered first.  I do not eat beef so I chose the Chicken Royale. My friend Norma chose the Beef Jerky.

The verdict: If you're suddenly craving for your favorite fried chicken in a twist but nowhere to grab one, you can settle to Chicken Royale (P55). The crust is thin, smooth and flaky that the chicken meat still dominates your tongue. Plus it is crunchy, a hint that what is served to us freshly-made. Good thing since I never got to eat the Beef Jerky (P45), Norma said that it is a winner for her because of the extra hot, all - beef juicy ground filling with tomato sauce gravy. 

One thing that I like about Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties store is that they have signature drinks you usually don't find elsewhere. Aside from the usual drinks they also have Ceylon tea, Four seasons, Mango, Red Raspberry Tea and Iced lemon tea. We ordered Red Raspberry Tea and Four Seasons. These drinks all cost P58 each only!

We also got to try their Baked Macaroni (P55). The sauce is just right, it is not too sweet which is I always look forward to any food I eat now. Also the macaronis are soft and tender, another proof that it is newly - cooked.

There's a lot to choose from at Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties. The prices are very much affordable so everyone gets to have a glimpse of the food in Jamaica. By the way, the fillings of the patties are madee from unique special Jamaican recipes. You can choose whether you want beef, chicken, tuna, seafood, vegetable seasoned with exotic spices wrapped in a dough and baked in perfection.

For more information, you may check their website here or visit their Facebook Fan Page here. You can also contact them via mobile - 0943 709 0406. 

Next time you decide to shop or watch a movie at Market Market Mall, Fort Bonifacio, please do drop by at the 5th floor to visit Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties. See you there! 


  1. I will definitely try it out the next time I will visit market market.

    *hope you can drop by at my blog - :)

  2. Maybe I'll go when I drop by market market sometime.. :D YUMYUM!